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Post  Ellie - [MvGirl29] on Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:39 am


Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon

GONE-Astrid Gunnor Astrid-astrid-hofferson

Live action version:

Taylor Momsen

GONE-Astrid Gunnor ElleGirlTaylorMomsen6

Name: Astrid Gunnor

Original roleplay: GONE

Age: 14

Era that they lived in: 21st century

Relationship status: Single

Sexuality: Bisexual

Accent: US – Californian

Powers: Teleportation

Personality: Rowdy, reckless, rebellious, prideful, confident, talkative, trouble-making and bold.

Meyers-Brigg Personality type: ESFP

Family: Mother, father and aunt (disappeared)

Back story: Astrid was born in New York to Mr. and Mrs. Gunnor, a couple who owned a trading business together. After only three years of living in New York with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gunnor both decided that the girl was not benefiting from being raised by the maid (they were often not at home, as they were on business trips and attending functions.) So, they flew Astrid (by herself, with an airhostess to take care of her, of course) to Perido Beach, where her aunt lived.

Astrid’s aunt was a 38-year-old widow, who lost her husband to suicide a decade beforehand. She was somewhat happy to have a child to take care of, though her own depressive personality led her to rarely take a great deal of notice to Astrid.

As a result of her isolation, Astrid started to grow a quite attention-seeking persona. At first, she was the wailing child at nursery, but she evolved into a bully; rebel at school, who constantly disrupted class. She thrived on being told off, and grew more daring. At 12, she began stealing from other students, and this escalated into stealing from stores. By 13, she was drabbling in alcohol consumption and smoking.

Due to her trouble-making, she was sent to Coates – a boarding school for unruly children. Her parents paid for the expensive boarding school. Astrid didn’t improve in her attitude, however. She skived class, became a bully and played pranks on teachers. During this time, she only saw her aunt at the end of the month, and her parents once a year.

Perido Beach and Coates was suddenly surrounded by a dome, one day. This mysterious dome resulted in the disappearance in all people older than 15. Most children were in a state of shock and panic, though Astrid was rather happy about this, especially when she found out that she had the power of teleportation as well, due to radiation.

Astrid went free-lance whilst other children grouped up to survive. She often stole from limited food supplies, and found children to taunt and tease. However, the Gaiaphage (the creature that created the dome) captured her and made her a slave of his. She despised that role with a passion, though she does like some of the perks of it – like having unlimited teleportation abilities (bar the fact that she can’t teleport outside the dome.)

Oddly enough, she was teleported to another universe by some other power. She ended up in this place, where alternate universes collide... and she’s loving it.

Relationships (will be updated over time):
GONE-Drake – Astrid and Drake have an odd relationship. The sadistic Drake has often harmed Astrid, and he makes it clear that he hates her. However, Astrid loves to tease Drake, and would jump at any chance to bug him. They’ve been getting along a bit better, lately – as in, Drake isn’t trying to whip her – but they still have an uneasy relationship.

Gaiaphage – Hates it. She despises it for taking her freedom, and wishes that it would have just left her alone.

-She’s witty and has a sharp tongue.
-She doesn’t get stressed, and is quite brave.
-She knows when she’s gone too far, and will usually teleport away before any harm can come to her.
-She’s a great sprinter, and can maintain a fast speed for quite the period of time.
-She’s a good improviser.

-She isn’t really very good with guns, even though she owns two.
-She’s not a good physical fighter, and isn’t very strong.
-Her remarks can get her into trouble.
-She’s very likely to get herself involved with dangerous things, such as alcohol.
-She lacks empathy.

-Revolver, bought from GONE-Ariel
-Pistol, given to by GONE-Drake

One song that describes them:
‘Love Me or Hate Me’ by Lady Sovereign
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OMTB8YwILY )

-Her soul used to be coloured orange before the Gaiaphage took power of her, making her soul black.
-She likes to pretend that the song ‘Comin’ in Hot’ by Hollywood Undead is her theme song. In real life, it probably will be within three years.
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Ellie - [MvGirl29]

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Post  KHSProduction on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:24 pm

O____O Awesome!8D And oh I imagined astrid older lol xD she's awesome and her profile too!8D

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Post  Ellie - [MvGirl29] on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:33 pm

XDDDD With the things she does, you would expect her to be older. Thank you! :3
Ellie - [MvGirl29]
Ellie - [MvGirl29]

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