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KOZ Mowgli JB2-Mowgif2

Mowgli Hino

Age at start:

Age now:

Mow, Mow-man, Little Bear, Cub, Moogli-Oogli

Luri and Alexandar Hino- his parents (deceased)
Rei Hino- his little sister (deceased)
Phao Hino- his older brother (deceased)
Rapunzel- his "mother/sister"
Hodari- his "little brother"
Sora- his "older brother/father"
Ariel- his "older sister"
McGee- his {adopted} mother
Nehelenia- his "little sister"

Relationship Status:
Promised to Kiki

Background info:
Mowgli was born to a priestess and an explorer. While in the jungle one day gathering items for a new experiment/exorcism, the two brought their young sons, Phao, age 6 and Mowgli, age 2. The parents become busy, turning their backs for only a few minutes when suddenly baby Mowgli toddles into the jungle. Phao sees his little brother wandering off and panics, soon chasing after him and the two get lost in the deep jungle. Little Phao keeps a close eye on his baby brother as the two wander aimlessly looking for food and shelter. Fortunately, Mowgli and Phao were found by a black panther named Bageera. Bageera comforts the two little boys and leads them to a pack of wolves who were also raising their own cubs. The mother and father wolf happily take the two innocent man-cubs and raise them. As the boys are raised in a new place, they begin to adapt to their new surroundings, becoming more animal-like. Phao can tell he and Mowgli are having a tough time keeping up with the wolves and other animals and tries his hardest to improve himself and his younger brother. 3 years later, 5 year old Mowgli dashes off into the jungle after over-hearing his wolf pack discuss the fate of him and his now 9 year old brother. When they were adopted, Mowgli was much too young to properly feel any different from the animals he was being raised with. But as he grew, he began to feel like an outcast, though his brother tried reassuring him that they fit in just as any wolf did. One day, Phao gets into trouble with vultures. Mowgli stands up for his older brother, soon irritating the vultures and causing them to chase the boys back to their family's den. The birds cause havoc around the area and the wolves have to chase off the vultures, almost causing a wolf cub to get taken and killed. The father wolf who looks after Phao and Mowgli fuss at the two boys before Phao defends his little brother, taking the blame for the vulture attack. The wolf father growls, barking at the two, saying that they will never be true wolves. Phao is hurt and effected by this but stands strong as Mowgli whimpers by his "fathers" doubt and runs off into the jungle. Phao chases after him, wanting to comfort his little brother. Mowgli winds up at the edge of a river and begins cover himself in tree sap before running through a bush of bristle leaf sedge, giving himself a "hairier" look, wanting to look more like a wolf so their "father" would accept him. Phao encourages Mowgli that they are accepted and cleans his little brother off. Mowgli protests, only being able to see how different he is. After a small conversation, Phao lets Mowgli know that he will aid his brother in trying to "fit in" if that's what he really wants and the two spend the rest of their time with their wolf family, trying to gain their father's acceptance. About a year or so passes as the two become more like their pack of wolves One day, as the pack is migrating somewhere else, Phao notices a village nearby. He, however, is not the only one to notice as some other wolves notice it as well. Phao fears they might send him, and still a young Mowgli, to that village. That night, Phao overhears the male wolves discussing the fate of Phao and Mowgli. Phao then decides he and Mowgli should run away, that way they wouldn't be sent to the "man-village". As the two run off, an incident takes place where Phao and Mowgli are attacked. They had heard stories of a ghost bear that plagued the jungle, never properly being put to rest. The spirit of the bear attacks young Mowgli, giving him an odd power that his brother couldn't believe. Mowgli now has the power to transform into a bear. Though one side effect of this new gained power or curse, is that Mowgli no longer remembers his older brother. The little bear cub, not knowing how to return to his human form, runs off frightened, leaving Phao. Phao chases after Mowgli but the cub his too fast and Phao loses him. Phao didn't know where to turn, wanting to go back to the wolf pack and ask for their assistance, though he feared they wouldn't help seeing as the boys ran off and Mowgli is now not considered a wolf at all. Phao decides to run to the "man-village" and ask for help there, though his English isn't very fluent. As if a miracle, Phao and Mowgli's parents, Luri and Alexander resided in that village and were overjoyed when Phao returned. After a short reunion, they go to look for Mowgli with no luck. Weeks pass and the family reluctantly give up the search. Since weeks had passed since Mowgli's disappearance, the young bear cub, was able to learn his ability and transform between human and bear cub. He soon met a large bear named, Baloo and was adopted as his son. Baloo knew of Mowgli's special talent but treated the young boy like his own no matter what form he was in. Mowgli and Baloo stay together for years before it's said that something is after him, being a "man-cub". Baloo doesn't want to risk Mowgli's life and encourages the boy to run and find the man-village not too far away. Mowgli refuses and sadly runs off, not looking back. While he runs away, Mowgli encounters that something that was after him, finding out it was the evil tiger, Shere Khan. Mowgli sums up the courage to stand up to Khan, claiming his bravery. The two battle as Mowgli leaves scratches and bites all around Khan's body, unknowingly giving the tiger the same abilities that he gained from being attacked by the bear spirit so many years ago. Shere Khan quickly notices the new power and brutally attacks Mowgli, leaving him weak and injured. The tiger then leaves the defenseless cub, deciding to kill him another time and assumes his injuries might due the job for him. As the weak cub watches the tiger leave, he also decides to run, trying his best to escape being so weak. Mowgli finds himself in front of a small house and tries to take refuge in it, though his legs are just too weak to move however so he stands a few feet away from the house, waiting for anything to help him. A young girl about 18 appears from the house and notices the little bear cub. Mowgli stares at her, his eyes pleading though he's much too weak to transform into his human self. His legs finally give-in and he falls in front of the girl. The young girl however is a little hesitant to do anything because he's covered in blood, but she realizes he's in danger of dying and she ignores her blood fear and picks him up, taking him into her house. The young cub is cared for tenderly and he's not very sure why. Though he's been in contact with humans before, he can't remember, so this girl is the first human he knows. Her scent was nice and he felt he could stay in her lap forever. While Mowgli is cared for for a good few days, he stays in his bear form until he's strong enough to transform back into a boy. One day while the girl leaves the house for only a few minutes to make a bath for Mowgli, Mowgli takes this opportunity to change back into his human form. When the girl comes back, she promptly shocked at the little, naked, boy standing in her house. He watches as she freaks out for a good few hours but doesn't move an inch as she does so. She found it even more odd, but calms herself down. Mowgli is proud to introduce himself as the girl then introduces herself as Rapunzel. After a certain mishap happens (will not share it, but if you want to know, I'll tell you xD), Rapunzel asks the boy why he is pants-less. Mowgli then shrugs, telling her he doesn't know what pants are, as he's never seen them. The girl blinks in surprise but quickly decides to make him some pants. As she makes him trousers, Mowgli asks Rapunzel if he can stay at her home, telling her he's got no place else to stay. He pronounces her his new mother, practically guilting Rapunzel into making him stay. Though it doesn't effect her much and she refuses multiple times. Mowgli then tells her his entire story, almost coming to tears, telling her he's got no family or friends and no one else to turn to. Rapunzel is saddened by his story and decides to let him stay. Mowgli is overjoyed by this before he is given a pair of red shorts for him to wear for now. Mowgli isn't too cheery about them but tries them on anyway. He only wears them for a short time before taking them off again. Rapunzel asks him his reasoning behind his actions and he promptly tells her they were uncomfortable and that he'd rather go like he was before. She shakes her head telling him the only way he can stay is if he wears pants. Mowgli reluctantly does as she says, but he makes some adjustments to his pants, turning them into a short red loincloth instead. Rapunzel shrugs it off, since he is at least wearing something to cover his little manhood and happily takes Mowgli in as her little brother. Mowgli gladly returned the feelings, accepting Rapunzel as not only his sister, but his mother. Soon Rapunzel started traveling off everyday. Mowgli wasn't entirely sure why however Rapunzel would tell Mowgli that she was off to "meetings", though it was something he just didn't believe. And oddly enough, when something wrong happened with or to Mowgli, Rapunzel was able to sense it. Neither of them were entirely sure why. The time to realize this power, came at no better moment. One day while Mowgli was playing at home, he accidentally washed a few of Rapunzel's things down a river. He called for Rapunzel's help while she was at a "meeting" and she quickly came only to get frustrated at the young boy. After the incident, she decided to take him with her to her "meetings" and it happened to be a place where she hung out with new friends, calling it the Cookie Room. Mowgli was ecstatic to go and has been accompanying Rapunzel ever since.

His story:
Mowgli went from being this young, immature streaking little boy, to a more mature, better knowledgeable streaking pre-teen. He's learned, seen and done so much that most little boys don't do. If you were to ask him about his year, you'd be pretty surprised by the end. When he began coming to the Cookie Room, he was considered "cute" by almost every girl there and he didn't deny that they were right. He also experienced love for the first time with WAY more girls than you thought possible. For being only 12 at the time, he was good with ladies. It might've been that boyish charm of his... His first crush of all people, happened to be Rapunzel's best friend Ariel. She was 5-6 years older than him, so his chances with her weren't too great. However, that didn't let it stop him. He did multiple shenanigans in order to impress Ariel and he went so far as to turn himself 17 years old just to be with her. Even more problems came from that event alone. As Mowgli turned himself older, Ariel still wasn't falling for him. He was still a child to her, no matter how she looked at him. Not to offend him, but because he was really only 12! So to have her fall for him like Mowgli wanted, he gave Ariel a love potion. This love potion was the talk of the Cookie Room for a good sum of days as Mowgli got his first make out session from it. As well as his first...other things. By the end of the love potion, Mowgli was still a teen and everyone in the Cookie Room wasn't too proud of his handling the entire situation, mostly by those who had feelings for Ariel. Once Mowgli turned back into his normal self, and made things up with Ariel, things were better for him. However, he then ended up with another soul inside of him. This soul would later be known as Evil Teen Mowgli or E!TM. Soon, E!TM began to take over young Mowgli's body and the only way he proposed to leave was to have sex with the only woman he was in love with. Ariel, of course. Though Mowgli would not agree to this bargain, Ariel felt that was the only thing she could do in order for him to leave. That same night, when Ariel contemplated the choice, she called on Jesturma, whom Mowgli referred to as "Scary god," to exorcise E!TM from Mowgli. Jesturma "did" just that and though he didn't harm Mowgli, it still left Mowgli's heart in a feeble condition, giving him bad heart problems for the next 5 years. If any bad wounds or occurrences happen to Mowgli more than enough times, his heart will fail and he will die. This illness is still around though Mowgli keeps it to himself, if any heart problems take place. Besides the constant love problems Mowgli had in his life, he also dealt with many issues of his emotions. Around the same time Mowgli began having problems with his heart, he felt like taking himself from the world that everyone hated him in. Though it was all in his head, he felt he didn't belong. He met his parents, but they were killed by at the time, someone he wasn't sure. It tore him apart and he just wanted to be with them after all the years of being away from them. Mowgli started killing innocent people as it made him feel better until people were really upset with him for that. At that time, he just wanted to disappear and at the very moment he planned to do it, he was transported, along with the others to Hell. He didn't like it one bit and it scared him to the point of crying. That's when he realized, one person who he didn't think he'd like, became one of the most important people to him. He and McGee adopted each other as mother and son at that moment and to this day, he still considers her, his mother. After trying to get over his feelings for Ariel and settling happily with his new "mother," Mowgli's past began to catch up with him rapidly. That tiger that stalked him for years, Shere Khan, had finally returned and now tormented him in his dreams and out. One day, Mowgli has a chance to confront Khan and the tiger makes the young by a deal, that'll change lives forever. Khan threatens that he will rape Mowgli's care-taker, Rapunzel unless Mowgli can be killed. Mowgli's life just started to turn around, so death wasn't really an option he wanted anymore. He stands up to Khan, telling him he doesn't have the guts to rape a defenseless girl, but of course Khan takes that as a challenge ( in other words MOWGLI TOLD KHAN TO RAPE RAPUNZEL. KOZ Mowgli Nuu ). That is a high possibility why Mowgli is only JUST starting to warm up to Hodari, because he realizes he is the main reason for his conception. When Shere Khan was killed, a big weight was lifted from Mowgli's shoulders and when Rapunzel was happy with her new baby an even BIGGER weight was lifted. But his problems still weren't over. Around January, E!TM came back to cause more torment to Mowgli and to still have sex with Ariel. Apparently, even though he was "exorcised," there was still a part of him that Mowgli didn't let him go and he was able to torment Mowgli in his head and teleport himself into other people's hearts. Rapunzel selflessly gave herself up so Ariel wouldn't give her virginity to someone like E!TM, claiming that her chance was already gone ( being raped and all... ). So E!TM took advantage of Rapunzel as Mowgli had to painfully wait until E!TM was ready to leave. Yet he didn't. Ariel finally exorcised him to a world in a mirror. It isn't certain E!TM is gone for good, but for now, Mowgli can sleep peacefully. Though false loves and evil teen versions have been a big part of Mowgli's life, he's still been able to be a positive and energetic little boy, finding a special place in many people's hearts. Besides Rapunzel, there is one girl who Mowgli couldn't be without for the rest of his life and that's Kiki. The two first started as friends and it gradually became something more to the point where the two took a lust potion and...things happened. Anyway, he loves her dearly and though the two are still young, he proposed to her and hopes to be with her forever.
Mowgli lives with Rapunzel, Hodari, Howl and Kiki, still visiting the new Common Room when he can.

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YaaaaaaaaaaY Mowgli!!! 8DDDD It looks awesome, Sissy!!! ^__^ And, he did whaat? O_O -Reads the part about him telling Khan to rape Punzie, over and over again- I'm sure he didn't mean it though!! Khan was eeeviiiiiiile. >.<;

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Awwww Mowgli 83 wait...WHAT? ._. *reads this part as well* Nahhhhh I'm sure he pronounced it...Uh...^^;bb *hugs him*

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