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Picture:-Knights of Zodiakos-jane from the Crystalline lupus family Tumblr_m94y0lR0u71rtk0no
Witch form:-Knights of Zodiakos-jane from the Crystalline lupus family Tumblr_m2s0tlid5G1r8s93qo1_250

LA:-Knights of Zodiakos-jane from the Crystalline lupus family Tumblr_mowrl6fFh81rgii3co1_500

Name: Jane Beatrice Willhelmina Sandra from the Crystallne Lupus family
also known as:
Janey: By everyone
San: By witches
Element child: By witches
Plushie/Fluffy wolfie/honey-bee/my star: by Peter
Little sista/Annoying orange's puppy/Ney-ney chan: By Ashitaka(yes he can be very mean with her xD)
Mommy: By Diana,Sarah and Jason
Lost Girl: By Peter's losties

Age as she joined the knights circle:

age now:17

Daniel Crytalline,king of the Lupus family: Father(deceased)
Beatrice Cystalline,queen of the Lupus family: Mother(deceased)
Ashitaka Crystalline,actual king of the Lupus fmaily: Biological brother
Peter GoldMane,future king of this family: Adopted brother.actual boyfriend and future husband.
Diana GoldMane,actual queen of this family:Actual known as peter's mother. Mother in law(future)
Diana goldMane,heir of this family: First daughter(future...maybe :Smile )
sarah GoldMane,heir of this family: Second daughter(future)
Jason Goldmane,heir of his family: First son(future)
alina Crystalline,heir of this family:  Biological niece (future)
Nausicaa from the Valley of the wind,princess of this valley: Best friend
Oliver,husband of McGee: Potential brother
Alice,ex-knight of Jesturma: 'Little sister'
odette,ex(knight of Falia/Jane,water sprite: Mothers(both deceased)

-Her witch powers.She can control your moves and even your blood circulation
-Her courage.Since her sweetest childhood she was always a strong girl
-Cooking.Yup.She wuvles cooking x3
-Fights.She actually fights very good(Peter: For a girl ._. Jane: *smacks him againt a wall then hugs him*)
-She loves children and likes playing with them(she'll be a good moooooo- *shot*)


-Peter ,ashitaka and the knights.She cares about them over all.
-Children.She's got a weak spot for children and doesn't like them seeying sad or in danger
-Witches.The only persons who wants her death and peter's.

Relationship status:

-She can control you and your gestures
-Since she's with Peter and lived in the shishimari forest she recently developped some water bending thanks to a hard training.
-She can fly!She can fly!She can flyyyyyy!


She's caring,loving,protective and sometimes stubborn.She's also a very strong and though woman.


Jane was the second child of daniel and Beatrice Crystalline and as her oler brother is a half-blood too.but she had something different as her brother.he lived his whole childhood with hate and revenge,but Jane was as pure as her human father and tried to live normally with love.Even if she lived her first years without a father Jane had her mother who loved her daughter over all and her protective brother.Even if he was two faced jane still loved him.
Jane isn't like the other witches.She was innocent,kind and loving as she was a child incompares of her broher who saw their father dieing and had a big secret to carry.The witches thought she had a rare power inside of her because they notices her angelic character.But Jane hasn't a rare power,she just love,and is beloved.Which none of her witch mates was or is.

One day as she was walking out the fortress she landed in the Shishigami forst accidentally and met a strange boy by almost falling off a cliff.Forest spirits sensed a witch aura on her and tried to chase her causing the poor little girl to almost over the cliff,but an unknown boy who was around her age saved her telling the spirits to leave her alone.They became close friends and Jane gave the boy one day her crystal necklace so he 'wouldn't forget her'.All this time Jane was named for the boy 'Flower' because she was afraid that if she tells her real name the boy would may recognize her as killer and break their friendship.
But it wasn't as long as Jane excpected.Her brother found out their relation and locked her up inside the fortress.However she escaped once andfound the boy again.But their happiness to see each other was short,hunters found them and exposed them to the water god jesturma by drowning them in the ocean.Jane  was out of the boy's reach and disappeared from his view.She survived thankfully and not seeing her friend anymore escaped thinking he was dead.

Life in the knights circle:
Couple years later mutinery came and she escaped again.She met a boy named Peter who accepted to put her up with his LostBoys.They became close friends and he even present her to his knights friends.Because this boy was the knight of an elemental battle royal fighting for an air god.However she was still scared as she found out Jesturma was one of these gods but didn't put attention it.Soon she developped romantic feelings toward peter but as she found out that he was the boy of her childhood AND a GoldMane heir she decided to plansomething to get awya from him and the knight circle by marrying another King:Artus. She wasn't REALLy in love with him but quite a bit and all she wanted is too protect Peter from the witches and...ashitaka,who found her finally.And of course because Peter didn't like playing that game alone he pretended to go out with a girl named Shantii,making Jane of course jaelous.However she found that situation ridiculious,pretending to go out with somebody to make the person you actually love jaelous.Jane felt bad for artus.And if it wasn't the end of her problems Shantii was a witch.And Jane didn't like that.At all.Of course she found that out after her crashed wedding and after Peter broke up with the witch.Shantii swore on revenge and Jane was quite suspicious about her and ashitaka's weird connection.
While the war Peter and Jane finally confessed to each otherand even adopted a little boy: Tootles.He stood a couple of times but he grew up rapidly and lives now in the Hangman tree with the other lost boys.She made goodfriends and even family.A little sister Alice both adopted by Odette.But after her death jane was devasted and another woman adopted ehr and alice: Jane,a water sprite.She wans't really involved in knights stories because she hates bothering people and prefers living their life.
After the war Jane has been captured by Ashitaka and was almost sacrificed by witches,but Peter and his people saved her in time.She fought bravely against eboshi and Shantii and Peter and Ashitaka finally killed Eboshi.Shanti escaped however...
Jane saw with happiness ashitaka becoming the new king and her people finally feeling love again.

Jane now lives with Peter above a tree fleeding their royal obligationes.She usually babysits Madeleine and Arietty Nausicaa and sora's children and visits the common room with peter.Her and Peter sometimes get visits from their children coming from the future.

Her sword
Her bow

One song that decribe her:
solitary rose by Jaenette Biederman

-she loves dancing and singing around
-Ashitaka sometimes frces her to play amnesia with him.She usually bursts out laughing or cries in fear while playing.
-Surprisingly but true Jane wouldn't mind to have  children already
-She get tensed when ashitaka shoots angry glare at her when she's with Peter
-She's convinced that chocolate heals everything >:I
-Jane loves everything what's cute
-She's got a phobia for pigeons.(*lifts hand*)

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And she is correct.. for chocolate does heal everything. .__.

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*edit*changed her la Smile

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