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Queen Henica I of Nydilrid

LV: Eva Green

AV: Fang from ‘Final Fantasy’

Age: 29 (birthday: 13th August)

Personality: Superficially, one would surmise that Henica has everything in her life sorted out. She seemed confident, collected, highly intelligent, elegant, astute, diligent, ambitious and resilient. Most of Nydilrid sees her as this, thus the nation reveres her immensely. Even other Kingdoms believe that she is an admirable leader.

However, if you really know her, the opinions you hold for the elf will be significantly different. You would know that she’s actually more of an excellent actress than the strong, certain lady she portrays. Henica has severe self esteem issues and struggles with herself daily. She has been moulded into what her father wanted her to become, but doesn’t feel altogether comfortable with what she is expected to become. Still, she admired her father more than anyone in the world: she wants to rule as he wished her to. Being kept in a Castle for the majority of her life, she is distanced from the outside world and has only made few friends that are her age. Her father’s illness and death, followed by the death of her dragon, has left her depressed and feeling number than she ever has. She does not present her true emotions openly to anyone. Instead, she has leant to lie and remain seemingly driven. She puts her nation first, and her nation cannot be let down by her own inner turmoil.

She basically needs a therapist pretty badly.

Story: Henica is the firstborn child of her parents; from the beginning, they adored her. She was unabashedly spoiled, praised and encouraged to succeed. When she was young, she was swept up by prospects of being a mighty, legendry Queen. As a result, she worked very hard in her tuitions and proved to be a very bright girl. She was mature as well; everyone who met her was impressed by how much potential she had.

When she was a teenager, she was expecting to meet her dragon. Unfortunately, that did not happen, despite having many dreams where she saw through his eyes. Her dreams became dark and she soon realised that the dragon was being trapped somewhere dark. She did not disclose this to anyone, because she did not know what could be done about this – besides, these were just nightmares and might mean nothing. Leaving her teenage years without a dragon had caused rumours of her really being a bastard and her mother being a Smoke Elf. Neither of these suspicions are true.

At twenty, her mother died giving birth to Morgiana, Henica’s younger sibling. This shattered Henica, for she loved her mother dearly. Her father, Jipskin, withdrew and became much colder after this. He blamed Morgiana and was not excepting of the genderfluidity of his second child. Henica loved her sibling unconditionally nonetheless.

By this point, Henica had started to feel very lonely and detached. She sought a friendship with a handmaiden of hers called Mira. This friendship started to blossom in the next two years. One night, the two young ladies were drinking in Henica’s room. They were both a little intoxicated from the Elvish alcohol and, after some time, they ended up cuddling and kissing. This started a very hushed relationship between the girls. It’s about this time that Henica realised that she was a lesbian. The thought scared her a bit and her worries and doubt only increased. She ended up having Mira fired, threatened to stay quiet about them and sent to the other side of the country. This was done curtly and heartlessly – that was because Henica was trying to prove to herself that she did not feel attached to the other elf. That hardly worked. Not a day went by afterwards where she did not regret doing that.

Jipskin fell ill when Henica was 25. He was diagnosed to have developed brain cancer. His condition was already terrible, so he was expected to die in a few months. Henica did not want this and recruited the best healer. She was cautioned that this could worsen things, but she wanted her father to stay alive – she did not know what she would do without either of her parents. Unfortunately, the healer could not cure Jipskin and, instead, just shrunk the cancer to the point that it would take longer for him to live. His brain tissue was also scrambled, so his memory and ability to function was severely hampered. Appalled by what she had caused, Henica wanted to conceal her father’s poor state. She took care of him with Morgiana; she allowed no one else to witness what she had done. Jipskin lived on for three years before he died.

It was in the year of his death that her dragon was killed by Nexus. This left a scar on her chest, stretching from her heart and spreading out (the dragon’s heart had been poisoned/rotted).

Henica is now the Queen of Nydilrid and maintaining the country well. The Dragon Lords have assisted her immensely and the new, pleasant political climate between Nydilrid and Brarecien made things easier as well.

Powers: None

Skills/Talents/Abilities: Orating; basic fighting; intelligence; diligence; singing

Flaws: Food (she is fighting against Anorexia Nervosa); depression; paranoia; loneliness; pushes herself too hard when working

Songs that describe her:
‘Monument’ by Royksopp
‘Shatter Me’ by Lindsey Stirling Ft. Lzzy Hale
‘Big Girls Cry’ by Sia
‘Pretty Hurts’ by Beyonce
‘Polarize’ by Twenty One Pilots (Also one of Iggy’s theme songs)
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