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*shamelessly copies the character profile skeleton from EOT though tehehe *

Name: Daniel and Serena from Celestia

Age: Uh... In the future let's make them 15ish

Race: human(with a little bit of kitty cat in it)

Peter redfeather/celestia -father
Luna Celestia-mother*assumed dead by now*
Kevin/Mary Soma- Grandparents on father's side
Alice Celestia- Adopted older sister
Darius/Catherine Celestia - Grandparents on mother's side
Chris/Sophie Soma- Cousins
*I know Luna had a sister but I dunno if she's a thing so*

Occupation: Prince and Princess of Celestia

Daniel: Danny is the spontaneous, easily bored, unimpressed twin. Already at a young age he knew the toothfairy didn't exist or that dreams aren't something magic, just a brain. Yeah, Danny has his feet on Earth, but it doesn't stop him from having fun, he loves having fun outside and is already planning to become a knight instead of learning politics and all dat shiz.

Serena: So as far as Lara remembers, Serena was suppose to be the spitting image of Peter, since she got all her looks from her mama. She's sassy, adventurous and easily spooked sometimes. She cares a lot about the ones she loves and is always ready to kick some butt!

Back story:

Nothing new. Both were born after a hard child birth for their mother, and she died a few days/months later. Since then they have been raised by their father, or well technically by nannies, despite his will to be with his children Peter was taken by work, and being a King without a Queen. But luckily his family would be there for the twins and raise them together. But of course Peter was always around for knight training, it'd be a shame if he couldn't even do that for his kids!

Celestia of course knew a lot of damage, and of course the Royal family suffered from it, so the children were raised into hiding their identity to strangers, to avoid drama. Which would explain why they don't have a lot of friends, but they do have close friends they trust and that know their identity.

Where they currently live: Stiiiiill in Celestia.


Daniel: He analyzes a lot, he questions everything and often speaks his mind.

Serena: She's very optimistic, cares a lot and is good in defending in what she believes.


Daniel: Fairytales. They make no sense; cakes; cute animals; horse riding; LEEKS.

Serena: Logic books, and politics; fish; children.


Both luuuuuuuv being outside, training to become knights and they used to love being tucked to bed by their father, because it was very rare.

Daniel: He loves homeworks(yes) learning new stuff and spending days in the library

Serena: She loves drawing, training and exploring the town with either her brother or her nanny. She loves the beach and swimming, and bouncing around with her secret cat abilities tehehe.


Daniel: Being forced outside and taken from his books, being told about the gods, having to see his people clean up the mess, when he doesn't understand what a meaning/word or anything means, having somebody wake him up from a nap

Serena: Seeing other people take the blame, bullies, when there's no more hot water for the shower, being forced to stay inside and studying, waking up, boys taunting her, stories about gods as well, her father's absence.


Both would love to become knights and explore beyond Celestia's boundaries, and maybe bond with their godparents aka father's knights friends.


Seeing less and less from their father, being left alone, confronting their royal duties too soon.

Animated representative:

CK:G- Future Royal Twins Kaito-1b* Kaito from mermaid Melody* just with blue eyes
CK:G- Future Royal Twins Tumblr_nw6uv5j09K1ugb7dso2_500*Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug*

*Live action representative:
For Danny no idea but for Serena I always thought maybe Lucy Hale, used to mix her up with Selena when I was kid XD
CK:G- Future Royal Twins Tumblr_lvedq9kLZx1r3wadu

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