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Picture:-Knights of Zodiakos-Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Tumblr_mckh1v8gLG1rd363co4_250

-sica: used by everyone
-Mommy: By Arietty and Madeleine
-Animal tamer/Sica-chan: By peter and ashitaka
(if I forget something..o.o)

Pet: Nuca -Knights of Zodiakos-Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Tumblr_mcxu9h2oVt1r62u54o1_500

Age: ...o_O *has to discuss that with Elli* xD

Occupation: Princess of the Valley of the Wind/healer

Relationsip status: FRICKIN MARRIED PEOPLE!

Powers: None.

Personality: Before meeting the knights Nausicaa was a curious,sweet, innocent,kin and helpfull princess.She'd do anything for her people and she actually did by saving them from the Tolmekia a kingdom that tried to use an ancient weapon to eradicate a jungle of mutant giant insects to destroy the Valley and the world where Nausicaa lived in.When she met the knights and her old friends Jane and ashitaka she became careful and protective,but still stayed cheerfull tward them and always saw things positively.Now mother her protective side grew stronger and if anything happens to her husband or daughter she'll get into a raging behavior.

Eleonor of the Valley of the Wind: Mother (disappeared)
Hubertus of the Valley of he wind,king of this valley: father (deceased)
Peter GoldMane,her of this family: Far far far far far far cousin
Sora,bodyguard of Rapunzel and herself: Husband
Arietty and Madeleine: Daughters

One thousand years has passed since the Seven Days of Fire, an apocalyptic war that destroyed human civilization and gave birth to the vast Toxic Jungle, a forest swarming with giant mutant insects in which everything is lethal to humans. Scattered settlements exist wherever the Toxic Jungle relents. The Valley of the Wind is one such settlement. The Valley's settlers have a prophecy stating that a man "clad in blue and surrounded by fields of gold" will one day reunite man and nature.

Nausicaä, the agile, cheerful and peace-loving princess of the Valley of the Wind, has managed to befriend the Toxic Jungle. She explores the Jungle and communicates with its creatures, including the gigantic, armored caterpillars/trilobites called Ohmu.She often travels on a compact jet-powered glider in order to find out about the origins of the Toxic Jungle, understand its nature, and even find a cure for both humans and the world.

One night, a large fixed-wing cargo aircraft from the kingdom of Tolmekia crashes in the Valley. Nausicaä tries to rescue an onboard passenger, the wounded Princess Lastelle of Pejite, who pleads with Nausicaä to destroy the cargo before dying. The cargo is an embryo of a Giant Warrior, lethal genetically engineered bioweapons that caused the Seven Days of Fire. Initially discovered by Pejite, the invading Tolmekians seized the embryo and Lastelle. The Tolmekian plane, however, was attacked by mutant insects before it crashed.

The next morning, Tolmekian troops, led by Princess Kushana and Officer Kurotowa, subjugate the Valley and secure the Giant Warrior embryo, killing Nausicaä's sick father in the process. Kushana plans to mature the Giant Warrior and then use it to burn the Toxic Jungle, even though history warns of fatal consequences. Kushana announces her decision to leave for Pejite along with five hostages from the Valley and Nausicaä. Before leaving, Nausicaä's master discovers her secret garden of jungle plants. According to Nausicaä, plants that grow in clean soil and water are not toxic. The jungle's soil, however, has long been tainted by man.

Kushana and her detachment never reach their destination, as an agile Pejite interceptor decimates the entire Tolmekian wing before being shot down. Nausicaä, her fellow hostages and Kushana crash-land in the jungle, disturbing several Ohmus, which Nausicaä soothes. She then leaves to rescue Asbel, the Pejite pilot and the twin brother of Lastelle, but both are swallowed by quicksand and end up in a non-toxic world below the jungle. Nausicaä realizes that the jungle plants purify the polluted topsoil, producing clean water that remains hidden underground.

Nausicaä and Asbel return to Pejite, only to find it ravaged by the insects. Pejite survivors, boarding a single plane, reveal that they lured the creatures to eradicate the Tolmekians and would do the same in the Valley to recapture the Giant Warrior. To prevent any intervention, they take Nausicaä captive, knocking Asbel out in process. Later, with the help of Asbel and his mother, Nausicaä flees on a glider. While flying home, Nausicaä finds a team of Pejites using a wounded baby Ohmu to lead scores of enraged Ohmus into the Valley. Tolmekians deploy tanks and later the Giant Warrior against the herd to no avail: tanks prove too weak and the Giant Warrior, hatched ahead of time, soon disintegrates.

Nausicaä liberates the baby Ohmu and gains its trust; in the process, her pink dress becomes stained by the Ohmu's blue blood, turning completely blue. Both land in front of the herd, but are run over. The herd, however, calms down, and the Ohmus use their golden tentacles to heal Nausicaä's wounded body. Nausicaä awakens and starts to dance on top of the hundreds of glowing golden tentacles. Thus Nausicaä, "clad in blue, surrounded by the fields of gold" fulfills the prophecy. The Ohmus and Tolmekians leave the Valley afterward, while the surviving Pejites remain with the Valley people, helping them rebuild. Meanwhile underground, a tree is beginning to grow meaning the planet is beginning to heal.

Life in the knight circle:
Basically Nausicaa travelled from World to world after the war ends and ends up to her childhood friends ashitaka and Jane world.She discovers afterwards that one of the knights,Peter GoldMane, was a far away cousin of her family.Their family used to fight together against the pollution and soiling of their forests and Valley.
Nausicaa principally stood there to train the young knight and heal the wounded knights.She's a master in plants and healings.
She then had a slight crush on the new comer wizard Howl.Who brang her flowers and stuff like that to charm her apperantely.However it didn't stay so long,Nausicaa started to fall deeply in love with Rapunzel's bodyguard: Sora.
Getting teased and perturbed by ashitaka Nausicaa however achieved to have a relationship with the young man.Happily she found out he was also in love with her as they confessed to each other.
Nausicaa's happiness didn't stay for long.Witches,allies of the Tolmekian,started to take over Peter's forest planning to kindapp the princess Jane.Nausicaa is now on the edge of loosing all control.She didn't want another world to be destroyed but se didn't want to go away from sora.
However ,after the war,she fought bravely against the witches weeks before he wedding with sora
She gave birth to two wonderful girls Madeleine and arietty and lvies happily with her little family in a beautiful little house near the common room where she visits her friends again.

Sora: She loves him over all and would do anything to make her husband happeh :3

Peter: 'little bird or foxie' for her he is like a student for her but also a very good friend to make jokes with.but that was before she got pregnant of course.

Ashitaka: Children,they used to like each other and with Jane played Kings and Queens.Nausicaa wasalways the eldest but pefered that they make the rules.they were close friends but lost each other while the wars.Nausicaa is really glad that she helped ashitaka to become a king.

Jane: Best friend.She conciders her like a little precious sister and loved petting animals with her.

psycho: Firs concidered asa cute little dog Nausicaa sees now this dog as his name calls him.A 'psycho'

lady Eboshi: Worst aunt ever.Eboshi was the half sister of her mother.Whom sica is 100% sure Eboshi kindapped and killed.Eboshi always used to spoil her and already as child tried to convince her to give her the power of the Valley.Of course Sica never approved to this.

Rest of the knights: Respect and friends.

her healing potions.Made with QUALITY o3o -Knights of Zodiakos-Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Tumblr_mckh1v8gLG1rd363co2_250
she can communicate with animals perfectly.People even think she's got a power -Knights of Zodiakos-Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Tumblr_mbx2igMPkd1qgtogp
she can fight veryyyy good!WHEN SHE S PISSED!DX -Knights of Zodiakos-Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Tumblr_mbx2jqHq8d1qgtogp
her...flying...machine...thing.However since she married Sora she secretly hid it somehwere too afraid that Sora would be tempted to use it and crash against a tree with it -Knights of Zodiakos-Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Tumblr_makm16AJbi1raym3wo1_500

War.She's very sensible even if she's a god fighter
Her family.they just mean everything to her and wouldn't let something happen to them

Little plus:(will add later @___@)

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Sica's awesome. ^__^

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